Monday, April 7, 2008

Mitsuhiro Ishida interview

Mitsuhiro Ishida had an interview with DREAM posted on April 08.

- Your opponent is Caol Uno in the Light tournament 2ND round.  What do you think?
Well... He is a strong fighter and I just do my best.
- What did you think when you found out about Uno?
I was like "Does he fight?  Really?"  I thought he wasn't going to fight in the tournament because he didn't fight in the 1st round.  When he said he wanted to fight in May, I though he was talking about one match.  I'm not in the position to say anything about the decision the promoter made, although, all other fighters fought in the 1st round and advanced to the 2ND round.  Aoki and Calvan fight in Apr and one of them may fight in May as well.  It's not fair to start from the 2ND round.  I wonder how he could accept this offer.  I cannot believe him.
- I heard he was chosen based on his experiences in HERO'S.  He will represent HERO'S...
Then, why didn't he start form the 1st round?  Calvan is the one who represents HERO'S because he is a champion, but not Uno.  A represenative of HERO'S, J.Z.Calvan, fights Aoki!
- So, you can't agree with?
Not at all!  Only his supporters and his fans are happy about this decision.  I don't know what other fighters think, but I cannot accept this decision.
- Kawajiri said "I have lots to say.  I entrust Ishida in the role to show our feelings."
Yes.  I was entrusted by Kawajiri.  This feeling will be a good pressure and enhance my motivation.  I will change my disgust into the energy.
- You cannot let him fight in the final?
Yes.  I think so.
- What do you think about him as a fighter?
He is good at controlling his fight.  He put pressure on his opponent in the second half.  I think it's dangerous if I was put in his pace.  He is mentally strong and has strong passion to MMA.  That's what I have to be afraid of and he is a tough opponent for sure.
- What do you think you are better than him? 
I have stronger motivation to this fight.  I know he also has competitive spirit though.  This fight will be all about pride.  
- What do expect about your fight?
We will have a lot of movements.
- What is the turning point of wining and losing?
I think the concentration is a key.  If I lose my attention, I will be put into his pace.  He is an all round fighter and it is essential for me to keep my concentration, motivation and stamina to win. 
- Everybody is excited to see your fight.
I should stay focused on my training without thinking about what everybody expects from me.
- Do you think you will definitely win? or it will be a big upset if you win?
I don't think my win will be a big upset.  He has longer career in MMA and had good results in HERO'S, however, I fought in PRIDE.  I don't think I'm in lower level than him, however, he could be stronger than I imagine.
- Any message?
I think there are many people who have same feeling about Uno with me.  I will do my best to respond to their expectation.


Stephen said...

Go Ishida! You're so cool!!! #1 fan! I agree with Ishida about the Caol Uno situation. It's just not fair. Hope Ishida puts Uno in his place. Ishida vs. Kawajiri in the finals, count on it. T-blood FTW!!!

Anonymous said...

WAR Endless Fighter~

patiwat said...

"I will change my disgust into the energy." <- That's the spirit! Fight for PRIDE!