Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sengoku press conference on Apr 18

Sengoku had a press conference about Sengoku 2 on May 18. Sengoku announced Yoshihiro "Kiss" Nakao vs Big Jim Yokr and Mike Pyle vs Dan Hornbuckle.

I'm glad to fight such a good looking guy. I'm not only nervous but excited because I haven't fought for a year. My opponent is good striker as well as has good ground techniques. I believe I can show how much I developed myself by training for a year. My fans will be impressed to see my performance and victory, and they will expect me to fight Fujita.

Kuniyasu(Sengoku PR):
We picked 1 Japanese and 1 foreign fighter for Roger Gracie, however, both of them were injured. He has requested us to notify him of his opponent soon and now we are negotiating with another guy. Though Kevin Randleman canceled fighting IGF, I believe he can fight in Sengoku and we will announce his opponent next week. We are negotiating with a famous heavy weight foreign fighter and may be able to give you a big surprise. If this fighter sign up with us, he will fight in a main event. As for Yoshida, I hope he is ready to fight in June though we are too busy working on our upcoming event to talk the detail about his next fight. Regarding Kazunori Yokota who is a DEEP lightweight champion and requests to fight Gomi, Gomi's manager said he is pleased to hear about Yokota. We will definitely work on arranging their fight.

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