Saturday, April 5, 2008

DREAM: announced 4 fights in the Lightweight GP 2R

After announcing about Aoki vs Calvan, Kwajiri, Ishida and Nagata showed up, and 4 fights in the Lightweight tournament 2R was announced.  

Sasahara: We had Vitor "Shaolin" Ribeiro, Kazunori Yokota , Caol Uno and Gilbert Melendez in our mind as a recommended fighter by DREAM.  Ribeiro has a full schedule as a champion in another event.  Yokota is in injury.  Based of the past records and achievements of Melendez and Uno, we chose Uno.  

Ishida:  I cannot understand about a frame of a recommended fighter to be honest.  I don't even see Uno here today.  I wanted to fight someone who won 1R and advanced to the 2R though.  I wonder why one person can start from the 2R.  (To a question what he thinks about Uno) He was a champion of SHOOTO when I was a trainee in Takada Dojo.  I respected him at that time, however, I don't know now.

Kawajiri:  I'm very disappointed of my fight in the 1R.  I trust my ability next time and prove myself.

Nagata:  I will fight anybody.  To get this title, I will do my best.

Aoki:  Has my opponent in the 2R been announced yet?  I haven't heard  about it.  However, that's the promoter's business and not my business.  I will show 120% of myself to my fans on Apr 29.  I will prove myself.  

Sasahara:  I hope we are able to have a fight of Nagata vs a winner of Aoki and Calvan in DREAM 3.  I understand the possibility that a winner is not ready to fight in DREAM 3.  I offer a fight in such a short notice and they may get injury.  I offer this fight not as a part of the tournament but as one match.  

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