Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Katsuhiko Nagata Interview

Katsuhiko Nagata had an interview with DREAM. This interview was posted on Apr 11 in DREAM official website.
- DREAM announced that your opponent will be a winner of the fight, Aoki vs Calvan in DREAM2. What do you think?
After the first round, I switched my motivation to the next round, though I have to wait a little bit longer to find out my opponent. Be honest with you, I'm very honored to fight either Aoki or Calvan. I'm definitely excited about fighting either one. They have a very short time to prepare for my fight. I can tell the sponsor determined that I'm the easiest fighter for them and picked me up as their opponent. Don't be kidding me. I will prove myself!
- Are you upset?
Well, I'm glad to get this opportunity fighting such a tough oppornent. Although, I wish I could fight in the same condition. I mean they may be tired and have damages from their last fight.
- What do you think about their fighting schedule?
I cannot even imagine having such a hard schedule. I believe I will do what they do though.
- You think you cannot lose this fight?
Yes. Our fight won't be an easy fight. I understand how exhausted they are, however, this is my chance and use this advantage to win.
- How do you prepare for your next fight?
I learn about both of them. This is good to improve myself to be an all rounded fighter, because I got train both kicking and punching.
- you are very positive.
I think so. I cannot survive if i'm a negative thinker.
- Which fighter do you want to fight?
I want to fight both. If I fight Calvan, I want to be the fighter who defeats him. If I fight Aoki, my evaluation by others will be better if I have a good fight and result.
- Any message?
I really want to go on to the next round. I want to do all I can do in any position.

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