Friday, April 25, 2008

Aoki"s interview with GONKAKU

Shinya Aoki had an interview with Japanese MMA magazine, GONKAKU.

- How have you been since your last fight?

I felt very miserable for a week after that fight. Besides taking examinations, I did nothing really.
- Did you need time to change your feeling and face the reality?
It took a while to accept that result and have motivation to fight Calvan again.
- Did you avoid thinking about fights while you were taking your time?
No. MMA is a part of my life and cannot spend anytime without thinking. I thought things were getting complicated though.
- When did you start training?
Within a week after that fight, I guess. I knew people around me started talking about a rematch and I had to prepare for that.
- When did you get an offer of a rematch?
Right after that fight. I was surprised to hear that at first though.
- You wanted to fight him again someday?
I wanted only if my fans expected to see us. I also thought Calvan was selfish.
- Do you have any personal feeling to this fight?
Nothing emotional, but I'm kinda irritated to see the way Calvan is. I suppose he didn't care what happened.
- What do you think about the result of your last fight?
What he did was very painful for me. I'm not going to complain about the result my sponsor made though. I accept that.
- You have never had a situation like this before.
I'm not a type of person who gets emotional about my opponent. This maybe slightly different to call FATE, however, we should end this battle and have a conclusion this time for sure.
- I worry about your condition.
I do my best conditioning for my next fight.  No worries because I train normally every day.
- I'm glad to hear that. Did you watch your last fight?
Yes, many times. The way that fight developed was ideal. That was not what I expected, however, not bad.
- What kind of impression did you get from Calvan though you fought for a very short time.
I had thought that he was extremely strong and powerful, although, he wasn't really.
- Did you feel Calvan was cautious about your attack? I can tell he was trying to keep a distance.
Yes, I agree. I was also trying not to stay in his favorite distance.
- I've never seen him being so cautious like that. I suppose you could see his attack and I was impressed to see you avoid his high kick.
That kick freaked me out actually. He threw his right kick right after his right straight so that I could see it well.


J said...
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J said...
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Doug said...

Uhh...that's some pretty classless comments there dude. Go back to Sherdog if you don't have anything of value to say. I think Aoki's talking crap too, but you still gotta show respect--he's taking the rematch after all.

Suki said...

you can disagree but please don't leave nasty comments, thanks!


I'm looking forward to the rematch. Aoki seems to be pretty level headed right now.

Nam said...

Thanks for translating, Suki