Friday, August 15, 2008

Satoru Kitaoka had a public training.

Satoru Kitaoka, who faces Clay French in SENGOKU 4 on Aug 24, showed his training the press at P's LAB TOKYO.

When my opponent was announced, Aoki told me that I and French had a great difference in out ability; although, I shouldn't take his words seriously because he sometimes says something irresponsible. My strength lies in my grappling and submitting techniques. I don't need anything else to win. In my last fight, I was convinced that I was doing right thing to be a strong fighter. I don't worry about who I fight with. The most important thing is how I show my ability in my fight. All fighters in GP are strong; however, I am superior to the others in abilities to express myself, because I believe I have better experiences as a professional MMA fighters than others. Nobody knows who fights against Gomi at the end, yet I believe everybody know who the best opponent for him is.


Stephen said...

I am rooting for Kitaoka to win the GP; he has the skillset.

Michael said...

Sure money is on Kitaoka, although my favorite would be Yokota. Long live DEEP!

Stephen said...

what'd i tell ya! Kitaoka is the man. Victory submission within the first minute! He's gonna take it.