Saturday, August 16, 2008

Kazunori Yokota has a confidence to win

Kazunori Yokota, who faces Bojan Kosednar in Sengoku 4, invited the press to his training in GRABAKA gym. He told that he had a confidence to defeat Gomi before.
I saw a couple of his fight videos. He is a big and powerful judo specialist. I think he attempts to take me down by tackling, so I practice to cut his tackles. I'm an all round fighter, and I want to use striking techniques a lot in my next fight. I lose whenever I underestimate my opponent. This is what I learned from my last fight with Seung Hwan Bang in May. I learned a lot from my loss. I have a confidence about my speed. I will dominate my opponent both in the standing position and on the ground. I'm sure I will impress everyone.

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