Friday, August 29, 2008

DREAM posted JZ Calvan interview.

DREAM official website posted an interview of J.Z. Calvan, which took place on Aug 09 in Hawaii.
- You seem to enjoy Hawaii. Why are you here?
I enjoy a lot. I train with Melvin Manhoef at ATT for past 1 month. We got along with well and came here to support his teammate, Badr Hari. I'm undergoing rehabilitation on my left knee by surfing. There is the best beach for surfing in Hawaii.
- How is the condition of your knee? You injured last December.
I had an operation right after getting injured. The operation went well and I have been making satisfactory progress since the operation.
- When do you think you come back?
I start a training of groundwork techniques within 2 weeks. I see my condition and will decide when I come back. I hope I can fight Hansen in NYE.
- You have fought him in July, 2004. You lost by decision.
Yes, if I fight him again, it will be a rematch. I have developed myself a lot since then, and I'll show a totally different fight in our rematch. I have a confidence to win. I believe our fans want to see our fight and I definitely fight him in my comeback fight.
- I want to watch! Did you watch Hansen vs Aoki fight in DREAM.5?
Yes. I suppose Hansen analyzed a lot about Aoki. It was great fight.
- I suppose you were disappointed about the result in the lightweight GP.
I accepted a result of a fight with Aoki. I know what caused of that result now. I think that fight brought me a great experience in my MMA career. Despite of my result, that tournament itself was great. Finalists were all best fighters. I imagine it's very hard to fight twice a day in MMA; however, I like a tournament style personally. I had thought about what if I was a reserver. I think I couldn't participate in because God considered recovering from injuries is the most important.
- Do you want to fight Aoki again?
Of course. I want a rematch with him and I will win next. I don't want to be defeated by anyone anymore.
- What do you think about Melvin Manhoef?
He is smart and also physically tough. I'm surprised to see that he acquired everything I tought immediately. Since he has impressive techniques in standing positions, I'm sure he will win the middleweight tournament.
- I'm waiting to see your next performance.
Thank you to all my fans in Japan for supporting me. I like fighting in Japan as well as fans in Japan. I'm sorry that I disappointed fans in my last fight. I focus on recovering now, and I will be a champion of DREAM soon.

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Why does JZ wear the same thing every time? lol.