Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Gono updated his blog

Akihiro Gono updated his condition in his blog.

I concentrate my attention on my next fight; therefore, I have no time to go to my English Class for past 2 weeks. As a result of an intensive training, I'm getting back the sense of my movement. Regarding to my defense on the ground, Kikuta said, "You have good defense now and nobody won't be able to finish me on the ground. I'm glad to hear that from him, who is a great Jujitsu fighter, and I got over from my nervousness about my condition; such as if I could be ready for my fight. His word encouraged me to train harder. I took a break from training today because my body was tired from hard trainings. I cannot get sick again now by pushing myself too hard. I learned from my past and decided to take a day off.

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