Friday, August 29, 2008

DREAM poisted an interview of Hideo Tokoro

DREAM official website posted an interview of Hideo Tokoro, which was taken place on Aug 22.
- Happy birthday. You are now 31 years old.
Thank you. 3 and 31 are my lucky number, and so I think I have a great year.
- What do you think about your last fight in DREAM.5?
I prepared well and my condition was excellent. I'm not satisfied with my performance because I couldn't KO Yamazaki. I found out my weakness through my last fight; I cannot finish a fight, and my striking skills and submitting skills have no harmony.
- You didn't have hard time dieting?
Nope. It's hard to say if I'm good at adjusting my weight or not. I always keep my weight under control, and so I suppose I won't have hard time dieting next time as well.
- Your record in DREAM is now 2-0. I suppose everything is going smoothly for you.
I'm glad I have good results so far. I moved down to the featherweight and won 2 times in a row by decision. I feel comfortable fighting in this class. I will feel much better when I win clearly by submission or KO.
- Your next fight is on Sep 23 in Dream.6. Your opponent is Atsushi Yamamoto.
He is a strong fighter. I will show many different techniques to win this fight.
- Do you think you can prove in your 3rd appearance in DREAM?
I suppose so. I will gain a confidence as a strong fighter when I defeat him.
- How's your condition?
It's common for professional fighters to carry major or minor injuries. I have a couple of injuries, but I'm fine.
- What do you think about Yamamoto?
He is a good grappler, and so my next fight will be tough.
- Is a grappler hard for you to deal with?
Yes. Grapplers are good at avoiding to be submitted and punching from a mount position. They are also tough. I remember a sparring with a grappler 3 years ago. I was impressed to see his dynamic movement, good wrestling and strong grip. In my next fight Mental condition is a key to win.
- Sasahara said he might give you a chance to fight Kid Yamamoto in NYE, if he recovers by then and you continue to win.
My next fight means a lot. If I win, I will be able to fight in NYE and get a chance to challenge Kid. I believe Japanese MMA will get more attention when I get an opportunity to challenge Kid.
- Any message to your fans?
I cannot lose my next fight. I have to win to fight Kid. Challenging himwill mean a lot for me and my career. I do my best.

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