Monday, August 25, 2008

Gomi was not satisfied with his performance

After the fight interview with SENGOKU.
I was going to give him damages by not punching but kicking. I was almost down in the beginning of 2R because of kicking a lot in 1R. My opponent didn't tackle me and aimed the counter punches. I saw a belt last night and I strongly felt that I didn't want to lose. I personally wanted him to be more aggressive as a champion of DEEP. I think great performances by other lightweight fighters contributed SENGOKU to get more attention. I wish I could have an exciting fight yesterday. Don't worry, I will definitely get a belt. I want my next fight in Nov and have a title match next year.

Takanori Gomi talked about his performance in a press conference on Aug 25.

My performance wasn't good enough as a main event. I felt the pressure since other lightweight fighters did great job. It was the last fight in my 20 years old, and I was very motivated to ko him. I didn't have chance to ko him despite of giving him pressure, and I changed my game plan and focused on not ko but win this fight.
The championship fight of SENGOKU lightweight tournament will be exciting no matter who I fight against. I cannot wait my next fight. I was bruised on the right leg because of kicking a lot. In my next fight, I want to show that I can do better.


Stephen said...

Although Gomi did not knock him out, I think he showed that he is trying to build new tools to add in his arsenals to use for his future fights. As long as Gomi knows that he needs to train a lot more to stay as one of the top dogs, I am satisfied.

Bogdan said...

On Gomi's site ( talks to Pang and gives him some sort of package. I wonder what that was about.