Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Melvin Manhoef Interview

DREAM official website posted an interview with Malvin Manhoef. This interview was took place on Aug 08 in Hawaii.
- You only have less than 2 months before DREAM Middleweight tournament final round. Where do you train now?
I train with J.Z. Calvan and his teammates at ATT in Miami. I'm here in Hawaii to support Badr Hari as a second. I will go back to Miami for training right after this event, and then I will fly to the Netherlands to get in good shape for the fight.
- Your performance was very impressive in DREAM.5.
Thanks. My performance created a sensation among people around me. Everybody evaluated my ability high by seeing the fight with an MMA legend, Sakuraba.
- What did you learn from that fight?
I was so calm that I could have a good fight and win. I had to be cautious about many things because he was good at striking, tackling and submitting. I could see his moves clearly in the fight because I was composed. I gained a confidence that I was competitive to strong fighters like him now.
- Now you are the final 4.
In Hero's lightweight tournament in 2006, I was defeated by Akiyama in the final. I definitely want to win this tournament. My teammates and I need to work together to accomplish this objective.
- Your opponent is Gegard Mousasi.
I know him very well because he also trains in the Netherlands. He is an all round fighter. I should be sharp at fighting him. I'm a cyborg to follow my seconds' advices in a ring.
- You have no problem fighting on the ground?
Absolutely. I train to be a complete fighter. My ground skills develops day by day. My goal is to be a champion and I have no problem fighting in any positions.
- Ronaldo Jacare and Zelg Benkei Galesic, which fighter do you think you fight in the final?
I think Ronaldo Jacare. Everybody considers that I'm only good on the standing position. I would like to prove myself as an all round fighter by defeating him.
- Do you want to fight Akiyama after getting a belt?
Akiyam! Yes, I want to fight him again. I'm sure Akiyama, who used to be a HERO'S champion, has no reason to refuse my offer when I become a champion of DREAM. I will defeat him completely. I know he debut as a singer and saw him on a commercial. I suppose he is making money a lot and I cannot be beaten by a guy like him.

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