Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Eiji Mitsuoka had a public training.

Eiji Mitsuoka had a public training on Aug 11.

His teammate, Caol Uno, sparred with him and he will be his second.
I saw a fight of my opponent, Rodorigo Damm, in SENGOKU 3. I was surprised to see his great performance. I will fight him with confidence that I can win. My confidence comes from my fighting experiences with strong and all round fighters like him. I train hard for a long time and have thorough techniques of submissions. I hope I can show everything I have in my next fight. I cannot wait fighting him.
I saw the name list of fighters who participate in the tournament. They are all strong . I'm looking forward to seeing how Mitsuoka proves himself in this tournament. I think I can give some advices based on my experience fighting in a tournament.

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Vincent said...

Uno's face looks as if its disappearing from one fight too many.