Friday, January 25, 2008

+++ Suki MMA is BACK! +++

Hi everyone!

I`m back from Japan and decided to start my blog again. I`m glad to know many people love knowing Japanese MMA news and I would like to deliver more unique info to true MMA fans in the US!


** with Frank Trigg in Yarennoka! on Dec 31, 2007 **


Jinxer100 said...

Sweet!...That's great to here. Your blog is awesome.

FirstGradeTeacher said...

Glad to see you back, Suki. Love the site. I owe you dinner when you come to Vegas.

Haulport said...

Glad you're back! Tell us about Yarennoka and who you are working for now.

Cacti45 said...

Awesome, i loved youre interview with Mach, that was hilarious.

Anonymous said...

lovely photo, and great to hera that the blog is back, where is that Mach Sakurai interview? I couldn't find it, is it on this site?


turbozed said...

Thanks for coming back. I loved the awesome interview with Mach heheh!

here's a link for it:

BakaDebu said...

nice to see u back!

budonkadonk said...

Best blog on the net is back.

Gotta love the Saitama Super Arena parking lot.

Now, I'm wondering... did you pimp slap their PBP commentator for referring to Saitama as Tokyo all night?

Anyhows, I'm hoping that the MMA scene out here in Japan will be revitalized... great NYE card, but I really couldn't bring myself to make the drive out to Saitama.

Anonymous said...


Saku4Life said...

Awesome! Thanks you!

How did you feel about that Mach interview? That was hilarious. What was going on?

Cesar said...

OMG!! so happy to read this!!

i only found ur site a few days before ur "vacation" so i was really sad that u coudnt contine..theres no other site as found info about the japanese fighters

thanks you so much for taking ur time to update Suki MMA again :)