Friday, January 25, 2008

Kikuta talks about the turnover of the Misaki vs Akiyama fight

From Kikuta`s blog..

Misaki remains silent, but I would like to talk about his contract with Yarennoka.

In his contract with Yarennoka, he agreed to fight not 2 fights but 1 fight on NYE. Their first offer was 2 fights though. Everyone knows that Yarennoka was a one night event and he signed the contract after making sure to fight once. Misaki decided to fight in Yarennoka not because he wanted to fight Akiyama but because he wanted to be a part of the last PRIDE event.

I would also talk about my opinion of the result in that fight. In MMA, a ruling by a referee is final and it is hard to overturn, even if many people disagree with the decision by judges and referees. I don`t think the referee, Mr. Noguchi, made a misjudge in that fight. Akiyama fell by hook, tried to raise up and Misaki kicked. This is normal movement for most fighters. This is not a same situation with the fight of Mark Kerr. This is my personal opinion and I suppose there are people who disagree with me and think that kicking was a foul play.

After the fight, Akiyama filed a complaint about the judge because he thought he was kicked when he was in the 4 point position. Yarennoka staff including Mr.Shimada who directs the rules watched their fight video and released this official statement on Jan 22nd.

"Misaki kicked his opponent when he was obviously in 4 point position. His kick was against rules and that fight is a no contest. Yarennoka also said that fight was similar case to the fight of Mark Kerr in March, 1999. Yarennoka was a one time event and we won`t promise the rematch."

On January 23rd, Tanigawa (FEG) and Akiyama had a press conference. Akiyama said he would like to fight Misaki again when he recovers from damages suffered in his last fight. Tanigawa said he blamed Misaki who announced to fight in Sengoku, because his contract with Yarennoka! was 2 fights with Akiyama.

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ovenj0ckey said...

Wow, it looks like Misaki displeased FEG. Do you think this is related to the poor relationship between DSE and FEG?

And about the No Contest ruling: it is a tough call to make, but just think what people would say if Akiyama had kicked Misaki like that. I think many more people would have demanded a No Contest ruling.