Monday, January 28, 2008

Gono has an operation in Feb.

Gono updated his blog and wrote about his right hand.

I went to see a doctor and was told to have an operation in the 2nd week of Feb.  I had an interview with a Japanese MMA magazine, GONKAKU, and said I'd return next summer, but actually next fall is the earliest.  

I had an injury in the same spot last year as well, and it takes a while to be recovered this time because the bone in this area are weak.  I'm very sorry that I cannot fight sometimes soon, but I cannot complain.  My doctor also told me that I cannot continue fighting if I don't fix my right hand completely now.  I`m freaked out a bit when I heard this.  I cannot do anything but wait.  So, I`m not thinking about when I come back.  I`m going to focus on fixing my right hand and just wait till it will be 100% cured.  

I used to be so weak mentally and I became very lazy and stop doing everything whenever I  lost my fight, got injured, or dumped by my girlfriend.  I'm stronger and positive now.  I accept my current situation and just do what I can do now.  I feel I grew up a lot in last few years.  I`m preparing for my next fight in the U.S. by running, training my kicks, reading books and studying English.    


Anonymous said...

yes, I hope Pride comes back. I loved it.

ovenj0ckey said...

Gono is contracted to the UFC.