Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ryo Chonan talked about the Akiyama vs Misaki fight.

Ryo Chonan talked about the Akiyama vs Misaki fight in his blog.

I said in my blog that NYE events were tremendous. Now I would say the fact that Yarennoka turned over the result was a disgrace. It was surprising for me to know that the decision a referee made was overturned easily and the way this event contracted with fighters, not by written but verbal agreement.  

Is there any meaning for Yarennoka to contract 2 fights?  I was at a loss when I first heard of this.  Misaki has been criticized by sponsors because he announced to fight in Sengoku before completing the contract with Yarennoka.  FEG announced that Japanese MMA events have to stand together and work together. Then, why aren't they in alliance with Sengoku as well?

I fight in the UFC now and should not say anything about events in Japan, but I think MMA events in Japan are now miserable. All the great fights I and many fans watched on NYE were spoiled by event producers. 

Even so, I`m going my way.


DJ said...

Hi Suki,

I noticed that nobody has commented on your recent posts, I'm glad your back its so hard to find decent news about the Japanese MMA scene!

Keep up the good work gorgeous!

DJ said...

Also are you still in the travel business? I'm going to Japan in April and I could do with some advice/help on accommodation in Kyoto/Tokyo...

Suki said...

Hi dj,

Thanks for visiting my blog!
Yes, i`m a travel agent and let me know if you need any help. Please email your question to sukimma at


kylem said...

thanks for coming back. that interview with sakurai was great. what was he saying to you though that was making you laugh so much?

anyway, it was pretty eye opening to hear ryo say this. made me sad

ZeeGerman said...

Thanks Suki! I also want to know what Sakurai was saying to you in that interview.

"Everytime me Champion. Me opponent everytime champion!"

Suki said...

Sakurai wanted to say, he always fights champions or fighters who are in the champion level. He was very funny guy...