Monday, January 28, 2008

Yushin Okami is applying for a US visa

From the blog of Yushin Okami...

** Jan 28 **
I went Yokohama to pick up my passport.  I washed my passport with my laundry and my passport got worn out.  When I went to the U.S. Embassy, an officer asked me to get a new passport, otherwise I will be refused to enter the U.S..  So, I applied for a new passport even though my passport was valid for 5 more years.  I got a new passport today and I can apply for a visa for my next fight!  Now I need to get ready for a medical check.

** Jan 29 **
I cannot believe this.  I had a delivery today.  An envelope delivered today looked familiar to me.  It was the envelope which I put the visa application and my passport in and mailed to the U.S. embassy yesterday.  I wondered why that envelope was here and checked out the label.  I wrote my address as a receiver and put the address of the U.S. embassy as a sender!  This is very important documents and sent by a courier.  I worry about myself now and wonder if I can pass the medical check.


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better resend it a.s.a.p. there Yushin :D