Sunday, January 27, 2008

Tanikawa (FEG) talks about new event

This is an interview of Tanikawa (FEG) with a Japanese sports magazine, Number, and posted on its website on Jan 17.  

- FEG sponsored "Dynamite!!" and "Yarennoka!" on NYE.  What kind of response did you get?
I got good responses.  I could convince myself that what I did to put all Japanese MMA events together was right.  We had great teams in both Saitama and Osaka and would like to start from here.  

- Do you work with "Yarennoka!" again?
I would like to work together and start a new event.

- Do you start a new event?
I haven't talked about or decided any details yet.  I worked with the PRIDE staff long time ago and shared hard times to create an event.  It was comfortable working with then again, and I would like to start a new event with them which is not related to K-1.

- What is a name for the new event?
I haven't thought about it yet.  I may keep the name, HERO'S or create a new name.  I prefer having a new name though.

- Are you going to be a producer of a new event then?
I prefer giving young people opportunities to create a new event.  I wouldn't mind having someone young as a producer if I can find someone suitable, and I will support this event.

- When are you planning to have a debut event?
I would like to have in March in Saitama.

- Will you arrange the fight of Kazushi Sakuraba vs Rickson Gracie in the new event?
No, I don't.  Their fight is not related to a new event, but a final fight between Sakuraba and the Gracie family.  I would like to have a fight of Shinya Aoki vs J.Z. Calvin which we missed on NYE, if J.Z. is ready.

- So, a new event is different with HERO'S?
PRIDE focused on creating a great MMA event for real MMA fans.  HERO'S targets creating an MMA entertainment show for TV.  PRIDE lapsed and now HERO'S is going to take over the role PRIDE did for Japanese MMA.  

- I think it is quick if you just get all popular fighters who belonged to PRIDE in your events?
I don't think PRIDE fans come and watch our event even if we take all PRIDE fighters in. PRIDE fans like watching fights and fighters in PRIDE, not anywhere else.

- PRIDE fans are enthusiasts about PRIDE?
Yes, PRIDE fans worked on having Yarennoka on NYE and they gave all power and energy to the former PRIDE staff, fighters and us. I don't do the same business with UFC which focus on taking fighters to make their own profit. I respect fans and try to work with fans to have a great MMA event.

- I was surprised when I heard that Choi and Akiyama fight in Yarennoka
Yarennoka and Dynamite have a alliance. I just picked fighters who fit well in Yarennoka. I believe PRIDE fans are not interested in seeing Bob Sapp.

- You wanted Akiyama win against Misaki?
From my point of view as a FEG producer, I wanted Akiyama win. If he wins, I can arrange more exciting matches.


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I believe the name of the new promotion is DREAMS.

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