Monday, March 2, 2009

Shina Aoki&Masakazu Imanari trained at IMPACT

Shina Aoki and Masakazu Imanari trained wearing costumes on March 2.


Christopher said...

Suki, does the article on DREAM Official give any insight as to WHY Aoki and Imanari are dressed like that? O_O

keitha said...

haha! I love it. So cute =)

v said...

At least Im not the only person here who asked WTF is going on?

I know the japanese schoolgirl uniform fetish but i cant think of any other country where this would be considere....oh, I get it, they want attention.
So basically, their publicity whores....

ahhhh, the universal profession...

keitha said...

Seriously. Relax a little. They are joking around.

At least it's not as silly as when fighters screaming into the camera hammering their chest like some ape men.. That if anything makes you feel embarrased about the sport.

I'm not saying that it's everyones cup of tea.. but most fighters want attention for one reason or another(their ego/to get bigger fights etc.).

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